Choose an English or Welsh county from the list below to view the latest published calendar for UK School Holidays. Schools in the Mere and Tisbury area may choose between Wiltshire and Dorset term dates.

Travelling outside the peak months of July and August brings numerous benefits: the charming towns and villages of Wiltshire are that bit more peaceful; spring and autumn are the perfect time for outdoor pursuits such as walking and cycling; and you are likely to find a wider range of special offers on accommodation.

With so much to see and do from January through to December, Wiltshire is the ideal destination for refreshing weekends and midweek breaks, as well as longer stays.

Wiltshire's hidden villages are a medley of thatch and warm local stone, gable and half-timber, flint and red brick. The jewel in this rural crown must surely be the National Trust village of Lacock.

Familiar to many as a setting for the Harry Potter films, and many period costume dramas, its 700-year old collection of buildings have been cocooned from the modern world, yet this remains very much a living village with a bakery, church, craft shops and pubs.

Wiltshire School half term holiday dates

Half Term Dates for Schools in Wiltshire

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Please note that some schools have decided to adopt slightly different half term and holiday dates to those shown here and it is therefore advisable to contact the individual school to confirm their dates.

The school year consists of 190 "pupil" days. In addition to these days, teaching staff must also be available for work on five extra days (or the equivalent of 30 hours) during the year.

These days/hours are used for staff development. Term dates for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools are set by the Local Authority in consultation with neighbouring Authorities and groups representing school staff.

In Foundation, Voluntary Aided and residential Special schools it is the governing body that decides the beginning and the end of school terms and holidays.

Please be aware that there can be variations between schools and we would recommend parents/carers contact their child's school directly to confirm the school's term and holiday dates.

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Wiltshire Half Term Dates - School Holidays in Wilts