Choose a London Borough from the list below to view the latest published school half term holiday dates. Hackney’s history is strongly associated with theatre. The Theatre built in 1576 and the Curtain, built in 1578 were both located in the area called Shoreditch. The Theatre staged the first performances of some of William Shakespeare’s plays, including Romeo and Juliet. St. Leonard’s or Shoreditch Church, was once known as the actors’ church; those buried there include Richard Burbage, a contemporary of Shakespeare.

The church is referred to in the popular children's nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons. “When I am rich, says the bells of Shoreditch.” There was also a strong theatre tradition in 19th century Shoreditch: the most famous of them was the Britannia theatre, run for many years by Sara Lane.

School Holidays in Hackney, East London

School Holidays in Hackney - Half Term Dates

A list of all schools in Hackney

Please note that some schools have decided to adopt slightly different half term and holiday dates to those shown here and it is therefore advisable to contact the individual school to confirm their dates.

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