Choose a London Borough from the list below to view the latest published school half term holiday dates. The Dagenham Corridor: After World War II, an area of green belt land was set aside to stop the sprawl of London merging into the surrounding counties. This green corridor, known as the Dagenham Corridor, runs from Hainault to the River Thames and includes the Eastbrookend Country Park, the Chase Local Nature Reserve and the Beam Valley Country Park.

Although this land was aside as a strategic corridor from a planning perspective, the Dagenham Corridor is now an invaluable migration route for many bird species arriving in England travelling up through the corridor, to reach the rest of the country. These 3 countryside sites, situated on the urban fringe of London, can be seen as a green island within the sprawl of the city. This creates not only a welcoming stop for migrating birds, but also a pocket of wildlife.

Barking and Dagenham School Holidays, Half Term Break.

School Half Term in Barking and Dagenham

For London Voluntary Aided and Foundation schools it is the school Governing Body which sets the school's term and holiday dates.

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