Choose a Scottish county from the list below to view the latest published School Half Term Holiday Dates. Angus is an area of outstanding beauty, situated on the east coast of Scotland. The rugged coastline of Angus opens into scenic glens and the fertile Valley of Strathmore.

Known around the world as Scotland's Birthplace, Angus enjoys the benefits of modern living, as well as tangible links with a colourful and historically significant past.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that these Angus Council school holidays are accurate, there are occasions when circumstances beyond our control may result in changes.

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Choose a Scottish County from the list to view the latest published School Half Term Holiday Dates. Every effort is made to ensure that these half term holiday dates are accurate.

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Explore Arbroath in Angus, Scotland

Arbroath, a quiet town in Angus on the east coast of Scotland, was once the setting for a historic occurrence. In 1320 the Scottish parliament met at Arbroath Abbey to write to the pope. The document they wrote that day declared their gratitude to and allegiance with Robert the Bruce who was in dispute with the pope. It also declared the independence of Scotland. This event was so important to Scotland as a nation the town of Arbroath has been known since as the birthplace of Scotland.

On entering Arbroath, look to the left and a statue depicting the Archbishop holding the declaration in the air leaves visitors with no doubt as to how much the declaration means to this area and to the country as a whole. Make sure Arbroath is on your Scotland and UK holiday itinerary.

Today, this historical event is celebrated once a year, on the 6th April, both in Angus and throughout the world. Arbroath Abbey itself is the setting for a reconstruction and for anybody wanting a true taste of Scottish pride, the reconstruction of the declaration of Arbroath is about as good as it gets.

Unfortunately the abbey is now a ruin, but it is still worth a walk through. Built from local red sandstone by King William the Lion in 1178, but not finished until 1233, after King William was buried within in 1214, Arbroath Abbey might not look like much today, but remembering its history and standing within its ruined walls can still be a humbling and awe inspiring experience.

However, there is much more to Arbroath than its political history. The famous Arbroath Smokies are a must for any holiday traveller to this coastal town. Originally haddock, but now using other fish such as salmon and cod, the Arbroath Smokies are available to buy throughout the UK and online, but are only made in Arbroath and nowhere else. There is a nice little legend that explains the origins of the Smokie.

It is said that one night a fire broke out destroying several barrels of haddock that were preserved in salt. On finding the barrels the next morning, the people of the town tasted the fish and realised they had stumbled on a new way of preparing it with a unique flavor. Whether this is true or not no one knows, but one thing is for sure, the Arbroath Smokie is a delicacy.

Walk the small backstreets just off the seafront and you will find various little shops selling and inviting you to try Smokies. You will also encounter the smells and clouds of smoke coming from the smoke houses where the Smokies are being prepared.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that these Scottish mid term breaks and school holidays are accurate, there are occasions when circumstances beyond our control may result in changes. Always consult your school website.

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