Many people outside Australia know very little about Tasmania, but the first thing that generally pops into their head is a particular Warner Brothers cartoon character. Actually, Tasmania is a tiny little island state at the bottom of Australia. It's an incredible island where everything is green and there are lots of clouds so it's a landscape photographer's dream.

The state is a popular vacation destination visited by thousands of holidaymakers who are amazed to discover its natural beauty as well as its extraordinary wildlife. The island topography features plains, hillsides, and streams, together with woodlands that make this isle a calming sanctuary.

All government schools in Tasmania have a school association. The association provides parents, staff, students and other members of the community with a way to be involved in issues important to the school. School associations help schools in a number of ways, such as organising fundraising, participating in developing school policy, advising on school management and approving the budget. When your child starts school, you are automatically a member of the school association.

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The Splendor and Beauty of Tasmania

Tasmania has come to be recognized as the most mountainous island on earth. It features a total of 30 summits higher than 1200 meters and ten highest mountains of 1500 meters. The mountains of Tasmania do not merely provide the natural splendor of the location, in addition, they give tourists an opportunity for some terrific outdoor passions like cycling, outdoor camping, and backpacking. In fact, the gorgeous landscapes of Cradle Mountain draw thousands of trail hikers annually.

Tasmania LandscapeTasmania is actually recognized for its exotic beach fronts all over the region. Jetty Baths is another beautiful area; a peaceful beach near Bunbury's city center loaded with shallow still waters defining it as a flat out outstanding location for teens.

A person can gleefully create sand castles on the beach, or hangout out on the bay and enjoy watching the dweller dolphins frolicking in the water.

The whole east coast of Tasmania is captivating on its own, but in many ways Freycinet National Park carries an exceptional natural beauty, or perhaps simply for the utter beauty of its idyllic blue water contrasted with the deep green trees and beautiful flora growing along the sandy coastline. With its astounding seaside views and exquisite beaches, it really is worthy of an extended stay in this little piece of paradise.

For most, Tasmania is something of an afterthought, a barely acknowledged part of Australia . . . but with the beauty of its beaches and its fantastic landscapes, it is a paradise well worth checking out!

Tasmania Tourist Attractions – Hastings Caves

School Holiday Dates in AustraliaDuring a stay in Hobart, vacationers do not have to confine their activities to the city alone. There are numerous attractions that are well worth a day trip from Hobart, and one of them is a visit to Hastings Caves, just 90 minutes away by car, and to the south of the city.

Hastings Caves are a group of three caves in Tasmania, formed from dolomite instead of the more common limestone. Believed to have started to form about 40 million years ago, the white and pinkish dolomite decorates the caves in the form of stunning shawls, flowstones, columns, stalactites and stalagmites. Delicate helictites – gravity-defying tendrils of calcite, are also found here.

The caves were accidentally discovered in 1917 by a group of timbermen, when they stumbled upon the entrance. They named the largest of the caves Newdegate Cave, in honour of the governor of the time, Francis Newdegate. This cave is the largest tourism cave in Australia, and visitors can take a 45 minute guided tour of this magnificent natural wonder.

To get to the cave, visitors will first need to purchase tickets to a scheduled guided tour at the Hastings Cave Visitor Centre, which is about 5 kilometers from the entrance to the cave. Along with well equipped facilities, this area also has a pool that’s fed by a thermal spring, which keeps the water at a constant 28 degrees Celsius.

With changing rooms, showers, toilets, electric barbeques, shelters and walking tracks into the surrounding forest, families can spend a relaxing time here, before or after exploring the cave. Another interesting feature is on the Hot Springs Track, where two streams of differing temperatures converge to meet at one point. Visitors can put their hands in to feel the warm and cold currents meeting.

The tour of the Newdegate Cave takes visitors up, down and across varying levels, but is never too difficult to negotiate. The cave is spacious and well lit, and maintained at a constant temperature of 9 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Formations are named in relation to the shapes they form, like Birthday Cake, Headache Rock and Champagne Glass.

In addition to the formations, visitors may be able to spot some strange creatures that have made the caves their home. Because they are trapped in the cave system, they have never seen the light of day and have adapted to their environment by having some unique features, not found on any creatures out in the open.

Over forty species, not occurring anywhere else, have been discovered here, and many of them cannot survive outside of the caves. Unique features include no pigment or eyes, and unusually long antennae.

The Hastings Caves experience is one of many in Tasmania, but its convenient access from Hobart makes it a must do trip for visitors to the region. This wonderland is a perfect example of the natural beauty of the state and should be on all tourist's to must visit list.

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