The Australian Government is committed to an education system that pursues excellence for all Australian schools and where every child receives the highest quality education. This commitment has been backed through both a national agenda for school reform and unprecedented investment.

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School Holidays Canberra 2017 and 2018.

School Holiday Dates in AustraliaUnlike Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra was designed from the start. Walter Burley Griffin designed the layout of the entire city as an entry in an international competition. Canberra was built with government at the focus. The Parliament House sits on a large hill that overlooks the rest of the city. Its spire can be seem from any place in the ACT. Large landscaped avenues direct the eye from one official building to the next. In Autumn it is beautiful as the leaves turn gold and blanket the city.

School Holidays in ACT

Australian Capital Territory School Holidays

Australia School Holidays

In partnership with the states and territories, the Australian Government has entered into National Partnerships in the key areas of addressing disadvantage, supporting teachers, and improving literacy and numeracy.

Please note that some schools have decided to adopt slightly different half term and holiday dates to those shown here and it is therefore advisable to contact the individual school to confirm their dates.

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