Winter does not have to be the time of year when everyone stays at home being miserable. In fact, there are many places in Europe which are best visited in the winter.

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Whether you want to enjoy the tranquillity of the Mediterranean without the hordes of tourists of the peak season, you want to try your hand at skiing or you want to see the magnificent Northern Lights, there is plenty to choose from.


European Winter Holiday Destinations

Cheap flights run throughout the year to many destinations and, even if you only have time for a long weekend break, it is still very much worth it. Consider the following holiday destinations for a trip this winter.


Packed with tourists during the summer months as well as much of the rest of the year, Prague is one of Europe's most splendid cities. Relatively few people think of going there in the winter, however. Winter in Prague, as in many other inland continental cities, has a unique and wonderful charm about it. A visit to Prague in the winter months means that you'll very likely see snow and the City of a Thousand Spires looks nothing short of magical after a fresh snowfall.

During the Christmas period, you can enjoy strolling around Prague's world-famous Christmas markets and throughout the winter, you can enjoy your days seeing some of the many wonderful sites that Prague has to offer. During the evenings, you can unwind with mulled wine or enjoy some of Europe's best beer in one of the numerous cosy restaurants and pubs.

Prague is typically very cheap to get to from most countries in Europe thanks to year-round cheap flights with many airlines. The very cheapest flights, however, tend to go to Czech Republic's second-largest city, Brno. Brno, while almost three hours away from Prague, is very well connected and busses are extremely comfortable, punctual and very affordable.


Cyprus is one of Europe's sunniest destinations and even December and January can have warm days. You will probably not be spending much time in the sea, however, although it can be warm enough for a quick dip for the more daring. Cyprus offers far more than the sun, sea and sand that it is most famous for as a holiday destination, however. It is home to many historical treasures, beautiful national parks, reserves and much more.

If you want to enjoy a cultural holiday in Cyprus, the winter months are, for many, the best time to go. For sightseeing, the winter months are perfect with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees during the peak of the day. The summer months, by contrast, are accompanied by searing heat which is far from ideal for taking long walks and seeing some of the many historical and natural treasures which Cyprus has to offer.

Cyprus has long been a popular holiday destination and, due to this, there is no shortage of package deals and cheap flights are available at any time of year. Cyprus is served by two international airports – one at Larnaca and one in Paphos. EasyJet have flights to both destinations from cities across the UK. There are also cheap flights with other airlines from various other European countries.

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