Camping remains one of the most popular holiday options for UK families. Some choose this option because of its low cost; others because they also like the freedom and outdoor activities on offer.

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The UK is full of sites and different locations and you could find yourself staying in something as simple as a farmer’s field close to a secluded beach or taking a luxury break in a yurt in the middle of a forest.

Which Campsite Should You Choose?

Camping with children in Great Britain.You have a lot of different options to choose from here ranging from a field with pitches and basic facilities through to a site with more amenities such as clubhouses, play areas, bars, cafes and shops. In order to get the best out of your trip, it’s worth thinking about what you want from a site first of all.

If, for example, you really want to get back to nature, then a basic site could be your best option. If, however, you can’t get through the day without a latte and you’d like the option of organised events and entertainment, then you’ll be better off on a site with more facilities. Bear in mind that your pitch charges will increase according to what’s on offer.

But, if you have a few children with you, you really will appreciate having stuff they can do if they get bored. This also gives you some time to relax. If you have younger children, you are likely to appreciate being able to do laundry and buy supplies without a major drive to get to civilization.

Where Should You Camp?

Although many campsites are in quite rural or coastal areas, some are quite close to towns and cities. You should think about what you want to do when you are away before you choose where to go. If, for example, you want a peaceful country holiday with absolutely no distractions, then pitching your tent in the middle of nowhere could be perfect for you. If your family wants a little more action or wants a seaside holiday, then look for sites that are closer to attractions, towns, resorts or beaches.

Investigate Your Tent Options

Many families will take their own tents when they go camping but there are other options out there. You can, for example, choose a site that hires out pre-erected tents. This will cost more than taking your own, but it can be a good way for first-time campers to try out this kind of holiday without paying for loads of equipment. It’ll also tick your boxes if you like camping but hate the whole get the tent up/take it down scenario.

If you want a bit more of a luxury or unusual experience, you can also consider ‘glamping’. This is luxury camping in state-of-the-art pre-erected tents, yurts, pods and tipis. It can be a fantastic experience, but it will cost more than a basic pitch in a field.

Tent Size Really Does Matter

In an ideal world, you won’t spend much time in your tent because you’ll be out enjoying the weather and the open air. The UK weather won’t always make that possible. If it rains incessantly and your family is all stuck in the tent for hours on end, you will want a bit of space. It might be tempting to go for the smallest tent size possible; it is more sensible to go for a larger size, ideally with ‘room’ partitions if there are a few of you. Space really does matter here.

Keeping the Kids Happy

As we all know, a happy child equals a happy parent. If you get fantastic weather and there are lots of other kids around for them to play with, then your kids will take care of themselves. But, it’s wise to factor in things you can do if the weather is bad or if they get bored.

Plan a few possible day trips or activities off site in case you need them and take some age-appropriate games and activity packs for times when you might be stuck in the tent with nothing to do.

Electronic games, phones and hand-held consoles are an option (unless you are trying to escape the constant beeping!) but think about whether you will be able to charge them before you rely on them as the only source of fun. If your site doesn’t have an electricity hook-up, you can buy portable solar, car and wind-up chargers for phones and consoles.

Some site shops and offices will also allow you to charge stuff, but you are likely to have to pay extra for this and you’ll usually need to bring chargers with you as they won’t be provided.

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